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A SMPIA Explainer – The Transportation Department


August 23, 2023

Are you interested in learning about what it takes to work in the Transportation Department? Join veteran Transport Coordinators Gerard Demare and Kevin Fyhn for a Transport Department Explainer!

Gerard and Kevin will describe the key qualities you need to succeed as a driver for film and television, whether it’s driving a 5-ton truck loaded with film gear, or driving a movie star from their hotel to set.

If you think you’ve got the right attitude to be a driver in the film and television industry, register now for the Transport Department Explainer.

Gerard Demear and Kevin Fyhn

Gerard Demear and Kevin Fyhn are both veterans of the Saskatchewan film and television industry, each with over 30 years experience in the Transportation Department.  At various times in their careers they have performed duties as Transport Coordinators, Transport Captains, Picture Vehicle Coordinators and Drivers. They bring a pragmatic perspective to the Transportation Department and have earned them a reputation for getting the job done—safely and efficiently.

The presentation will include an overview of all aspects of the Transportation Department, including licensing requirements, on-the-job expectations, and union participation.

September 6 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

University of Regina
College Avenue Campus
2155 College Avenue
Room CB232

Ticket Price (CAD) $0.00 for members -$10.00 for non members
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