Industry Training in Saskatchewan

The following industry-specific courses are available in Saskatchewan:

  • University of Regina (U of R) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production
  • SMPIA training workshops for producers and crew
  • Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon (RAIS) Motion Picture Arts Diploma
  • Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-op workshops in screenwriting, camera, editing, sound…
  • Paved Arts workshops in camera, editing, sound…

Other training in skills applicable to the industry is offered through

  • SIAST (Web Design, Carpentry, Cooking, Hairstyling, Transport)
  • University of Regina (Administration, Accounting, Acting, Journalism, Theatre)
  • University of Saskatoon (Administration, Accounting, Acting, English, Theatre)
  • Saskatoon Business College (Administration and Accounting)
  • The Academy of Fashion Design (Costume)
  • Marvel Beauty School (Make-Up and Hair)