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2016 Film Industry Consultation Report


March 14, 2016


In January of 2016, the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA) undertook a process of consultation to help understand and identify the needs of the media production industry professionals in Saskatchewan. This process was an update and extension of similar work done in 2014.

This year’s report reveals a picture of a divided Saskatchewan media production community. Individuals who directly access funding such as employers demonstrate greater expectations for an increase in industry productions and stability in the coming year; however, the outlook is still declining amongst those who work for them or want to work for them.  Just over 38% of industry members still in Saskatchewan are currently unemployed or working in another industry with 26% of those who remain anticipating that they may have to move out of province within the year.

The big picture challenges identified for the industry as a whole remain lack of work and lack of funding.  To address these, the industry has once again overwhelming identified regular work and additional funding as their immediate needs.  In order to move forward and maximize its economic potential, the industry requires support that ensures a competitive incentive program, strong labour force, and the infrastructure to support film production, combined with the active marketing of all three.

“Some progress has been made and as a result, some people are feeling better about the future”, said Nova Alberts, SMPIA President, “but our community has spoken clearly regarding the challenges they still face and what needs to be done to move our industry forward.”

Read the entire consultation report here.

For more information, contact:
Kim Elaschuk, Communications and Outreach Officer, SMPIA
306-780.9840, [email protected]