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UPDATED: On set Covid 19


July 19, 2021

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, film industry related individuals should be made aware of the following:

  • Producer has the right to enforce that all personnel on set wear equipment that is provided (i.e.: masks) and all such personnel are therefore obligated to wear such equipment to satisfy the policy of that production. However, if in the rare circumstance such personnel is medically unable to wear a mask, then accommodations may need to be explored.


  • The Government has indicated that vaccination records are considered private personal health information. Therefore, if the Producer wishes to know if any individuals on their set is vaccinated, the Producer will need to consider privacy legislation, human rights legislation and be able to demonstrate why this measure is necessary and that the benefit outweighs the loss of privacy. Producers are responsible for and must conduct their own assessments and due diligence, including seeking legal advice where required.


  • According to the SHA (Saskatchewan Health Association) and BRT (Business Response Team), COVID-19 has now transitioned from a pandemic to an endemic, meaning, if there is an outbreak on set, such outbreaks will be handled similarly to other communicable diseases. First and foremost, our best form of protection against COVID-19 is for individuals to get vaccinated.


  • The SHA has antigen tests available; these tests have been deregulated so that businesses can easily access the kits and administer them without a health care professional. Kits will remain available to businesses. However, the BRT suggests caution if an organization is wanting to use a rapid test as a screening tool for individuals to gain access into the workplace. Like asking for proof of vaccinations, requiring proof of a clean rapid test could be seen as an invasion of people’s private personal health information.


  • There is training available for any group wishing to give the antigen tests even though it is not required by SHA.


  • For information of the Free Antigen Testing Kits please contact …. and training to administer the antigen test please go to ….