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“Do you have the best production business model?  Do you enjoy standards of excellence in production?  Do you want to co-produce in Saskatchewan?  Do you want to jump into the screen-based production game?

There are so many questions about screen-based media (film) production, but not always a lot of clear answers.  To help you with your questions, SMPIA has brought together a group of experts from the different aspects of launching a production in Saskatchewan… and doing it with the greatest chance of success and the highest degree of excellence!  This panel of experts will provide you with a wide range of views on what makes a production successful and how best to approach it.  There will a Q&A period, followed by a networking opportunity.  Whether you are the grizzled vet, the emerging start-up, or the wannabe, there is a lot to learn from this Producer Explainer.  You will not be a trained producer at the end of it, but you might have some of your key questions answered, and at least walk away with some thought-provoking ideas!”

Place: University of Regina
RM139 & Zoom
Date: April 13th, 2024
Time: 1-4pm

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