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UPDATED: Saskatchewan On-Set COVID-19 Protocols


This is an On-set Covid-19 Guidelines update.
If you have any questions or need further clarification, please call or email the Business Response Team.

PHONE:    1(855)559-5502
EMAIL:      [email protected]

If you have a suspected Covid-19 case on your set, please call the Healthline at 811 for further direction. An exemption for the screen-based production industry has been requested with respect to allowing actors who have been properly placed in a bubble to remove masks during takes; however, until a final response has been received from the Saskatchewan Business Response Team here is supplementary information below that should accompany the SMPIA On-Set Covid-19 Guidelines:

  • Indoor production: Masks must be worn at all times and two metres distance maintained indoors by all staff, crew and actors, including during takes
  • Indoor production: One person at a time can be on an indoor set without a mask using either remote cameras or with a masked cameraman shooting through doors and windows. You can then use editing suite technology to bring people together in the room
  • Outdoor production: Masks can be removed outdoors as long as at least two meters distance is maintained at all times
  • Recommended weekly rapid testing: This is not a strict requirement but best efforts are recommended for actors in a longer shoot.  The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) will supply rapid testing, but the producer would need to apply for such testing two or three weeks ahead of the actual test as it takes at least 10 days to process the request in the SHA administration.  The SHA would also need an agreement from the employer that the results of the employee’s rapid test can be shared with the SHA( ).
  • If rapid testing on a weekly basis is not readily available, but best efforts on rapid testing have been made and all other precautions have taken place, then it is alright to move on to with the production.
  • Abbott Panbio and BD Veritor are the two approved tests if businesses are sourcing them privately.  Quantum Genetics in Saskatoon offers this service.  LifeLabs and Haztech are also advertising that they offer this service.
  • Contact the Business Response Team [email protected] or 1-844-800-8688.

For further clarification, please consult the Saskatchewan Health Authority Covid-19 Guidelines for Businesses and Workers

Call the Business Response Team phone number is provided above.

Download here: Saskatchewan On Set COVID 19 Protocol V6