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Sask-Made Cartoon Tackles Age-Old Question, ‘Why?’


August 16, 2019

Kids can now learn about the world while watching a new cartoon made in Saskatchewan. Why am I? premiered on Citytv Saskatchewan this week. The animated show features Lily, a bison, and Otis, an otter, two animal explorers who love to answer the question, “Why?”

Creator Adrian Dean, from Regina, said he was inspired by his own two-year-old daughter, Liv, and other children. “Kids around the world all have one thing in common, they’re all curious about themselves, they’re curious about the world around them and they really want to know why, ” said Dean.

The show is meant for children aged three to six. Dean said it will teach kids different types of animals and basic biology, but also has a deeper meaning.

Dawn Bird, co-producer and voice of Lily, said she hopes the kids who watch will be inspired to be proud of who they are. “It’s meant to teach children to accept the differences in themselves and appreciate them so that they know that they’re unique and special in their own way,” Bird said.

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