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Netflix Wants To Win Some Oscars and It’s Changing Its Whole Strategy Films & Filmmakers


November 16, 2018

As Oscar season grinds into gear, one of the most interesting questions has been whether Netflix would finally bow to old-school tradition or once again try to turn Hollywood convention upside down.

Netflix, which long maintained a “day-and-date” release strategy regardless of film or filmmaker, has set one to three-week theatrical-only releases for three films before they debut online.

But this approach confines theatrical runs to a few arthouse theatres willing to carry such projects. Usually, theatre owners insist on about a three-month delay between the theatrical and other release windows for a film.

Netflix effectively has blown off the theatrical release window, even though that still generated $11.2 billion last year for the studios that play according to traditional rules. And as a side effect, Netflix has also handicapped its film awards campaigns, bypassing the huge media machine that churns around any good-sized traditional theatrical release.

Over the past several years, Netflix shows have won Emmys and Golden Globes, and it’s had some modest success in lower-profile Oscar categories. But this year, Netflix loaded up on prestige films from prestige filmmakers, the kinds of projects and players who are used to winning big iron in awards season.

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