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Intro to Costumes Workshop

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May 12, 2023

Intro to Costumes Workshop

Have you been interested in how costumes appear on screen from concept through creation? It’s actually a team effort! Come learn about the different qualifications & positions within the Costume department including the buyers and builders in prep, through to the on-set skills required to realize the vision of the Costume Designer. The Intro to Costumes Workshop will cover who reports to whom in the hierarchy of the department, as well as how to read a call sheet, and understanding timelines.

Emphasis will be placed on etiquette, privacy and harassment policies within the department.

Joanna Vollhoffer
Joanna has 27 years of experience costuming in film, with a myriad of credits in all different genres.

She has successfully worked with major starts such as Charlize Theron, Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, Kirsten Stewart, Woody Harrelson, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Foxx, Christopher Plummer and Dennis Hopper.

Celeste Pinder

Celeste has been a Costume Technician and Designer for stage & film for 20 years.

Her Film/TV credits include: Our Big Punjabi Family;  DonkeyHead (Assistant Costume Designer); Vampire Doc (Truck Costumer); Stakelander (Cutter/Seamstress) and sewing crazy 4-way stretch fur bodysuits for Another WolfCop (Cutter/SPFX crew).



Regina, May 28

University of Regina College Building
2155 College Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewa
S4P 4V5

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Saskatoon, June 3


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