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University of Regina - Department of Film


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The Department of Film’s mission is to teach, research and provide community service in the disciplines of film, new media, and interactive media and performance. Both film production practice and critical film theory in creative, artistic, critical and industry forms are taught.

Our programs offer a well-rounded, broad-based education that prepares students to map their own paths as artists, critics, historians and/or develop successful careers within the film industry. Students are exposed to an extremely wide range of learning experiences within a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Our faculty includes award-winning filmmakers who are dedicated teachers focused on developing the next generation of great artists.

Students who pursue Film at the University of Regina will develop their own unique voice in their chosen artistic medium or studies area, so that a great diversity of expression and analysis—from the most avant-garde to the most mainstream—can emerge. The Department works across the University so students can develop complex interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary responses to art, culture, and technology.

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