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SKYCRON was established in 2005 by Cory Carlick. Located in Melville, Saskatchewan, the studio was built as an arm’s length independent production company founded to serve the needs of the myriad production requirements of CTV’s Ottawa bureau. Operating out of CJOH-TV’s Studio A, during this period Skycron landed key external projects with clients such as United Way, Baskin Robbins, Bell Media, TLC, Rogers, and Kriska, to name a few.

The company is a full-service production and post-production facility, producing commercials, corporate/industrial videos, and television series. It also has an animation and visual effects department, as well as a music/sound department, creating, composing and licensing original music for broadcast, stage, and interactive. SKYCRON also plays well with others, serving as a reliable emergency post-production company for fellow production houses, and is open 24 hours for emergency clients. Companies in a pinch with delivery routinely call SKYCRON at the 11th hour to help them get their productions done on time.

SKYCRON is also responsible for the Bell Media television series GO/NITRO, a Discovery Channel-style show where two hosts “apprentice” alongside A-list athletes from the NHL, NCAA, the Canadian Olympic Team, as if they were drafted, to learn what it’s like and to encourage kids to be active. Olympic Gold Medallist Carolyn Waldo and CTV Yorkton/Regina host Emily Fulford co-hosted the original season. The science of the body and STEM of sports are primary focus points with innovative graphics showing how the body reacts to training.

The studio soon established itself as a firm with an aptitude for executing visually striking productions with demanding art direction, lighting, visual effects and technical requirements for broadcast and corporate/government communications utilizing the same visual and technical standards of production demanded of internationally broadcast dramatic series. We achieve this by applying the same exacting planning techniques for animation to its live action projects, allowing significant control over the cost of production without impacting quality.

SKYCRON also has extensive experience in French-language television, having produced the official music video of La Tête En L’air for Quebec supergroup KAIN. The video, which has been seen on MusiquePlus / MusiMax, TVA, Radio-Canada, has over half a million views on YouTube, as well as Dany Bédar’s half hour live special On a tous une histoire à conter.

The company is also known for the development of special camera rigs to solve unique problems in demanding conditions, including the creation of a custom high speed camera system that could operate in subzero temperatures for over 8 hours of constant exposure, which was used successfully at the National Research Council’s Ground Transportation laboratories for a spot directed for Michelin.

Carlick attended the prestigious Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, and has been profiled in American and Canadian media publications. He was nominated by Ottawa Life magazine as one of the Top 15 People to watch in the Capital, and was profiled for his creation of the action adventure pilot THE UNDERSIGNED, developed by Skycron for ABC / The Walt Disney Company. He was also executive producer and co-creator for the new Bell Media sports series GO/NITRO.


Project Name: GO/NITRO Type: Television Series Company: SKYCRON Position: Creator/Executive Producer Timeframe: 2016-Present Location: Saskatchewan/Upstate New York/Ontario Website:
Project Name: Kaïn - La tête en l'air Type: Music Video Company: SKYCRON Position: Director/Producer Location: Montreal/Gatineau, Quebec Website:

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Cory Carlick Chief Creative Officer