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Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation


Audio Post Production, Marketing/Communications, Web Design

Company : Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation


Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation is a Regina, Saskatchewan based digital media production firm. We produce content that attracts, engages and converts audiences.

Not Just Louder. Better.

Amplification isn’t just about dialling up the volume (that said, Amplify controls do go to eleven). For us, it’s much more about the nuances of tone, of saturation, of space, and balance. When we amplify creative messages and stories, we aim directly into the hearts of the audience, with strategy, imagery and sound that both resonates and moves marketing meters.

As a marketing/communications agency, we produce broadcast and online video and audio ads, training videos, websites and web applications. Our boutique production studio features a 900 square foot stage with lighting grid and fixture package, 32 track digital audio recording, and audio/video post production suite, including a full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos audio mix environment.

Check our online portfolio, then call for a visit.

We’re happy to help you produce….


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